Top VR Apps for Your iPhone

Top VR Apps for Your iPhone

So, you’ve recently got an iPhone and have a VR headset. Why not make the best use of them and beat those boring days by installing virtual reality apps? Lucky for you, you have come to the right place!

With virtual reality, every individual will have the capability of making a much more realistic and more developed digital persona in the virtual world. The character in the game when you try the VR is not anything like what you are in real life. The character is stronger and better looking because it is not bounded by the laws of physics.  In this environment, you are not yourself. You are portraying the character you’ve chosen or dreamt of.

Are you excited to know what it feels like to be in the VR world? Download these VR apps first:



It provides a range of 360° videos which you can convert into VR experience with just hit of a button in-app as well as you can view using your virtual reality headset. YouTube allows users to browse horror VR experiences, snowboarding, and others for free.

Google Cardboard

Especially for those who are still starting in the mobile virtual reality world, this app is such a great service for your iPhone. It boasts many experiences you can try, like allowing you to travel to the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, and several other places around the world.

End Space VR

If you love space battle, then End Space VR is right for you. It is being delivered in a blazing, lovely virtual environment.

Jaunt VR

Another interesting VR app, Jaunt VR combines entertaining videos and serious short-sized films. A lot of things can be enjoyed from this app as well.



Orbulus is a convincing virtual reality app that you surely don’t want to miss. It can give you a newer insight about the actual places you haven’t visited personally yet. Also, it highlights the most popular and best hotspots around the globe.


In this app, viewers are taken to the depths of the ocean and surface of Pluto. You will find a few journalist-made virtual reality videos in NYT VR.


If you prefer a storytelling form of the game where you can play up various stories, the VRSE virtual reality app is here to save your dull day! Give it a try and discover its amazing capabilities.


Right now, the motion and resolution in these VR apps is still are the beta stages. You will be able to tell that you are inside a video game. Navigation is presenting an even greater challenge. There is no great way for you to navigate in virtual reality today, and we are far away from the complete immersion through a body suit. Still, you can already see so much progress made in all these direction and you can see paths to that completely immersive future.

No matter what progress and development, the new and completely immersive world of virtual reality will be really mind blowing and amazing in the near future. There will be a world where VR apps replace most of the real-world interactions.

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