Is Virtual Reality Safe?

Is Virtual Reality Safe?

Providing a life-like experience through your personal computers is possible through the virtual reality. It will make you feel as if you are in the real world or you are in the place where you would want to be in. The virtual reality can be referred to as the computer-simulated reality or the immersive multimedia. It replicates an environment, which stipulates the physical presence in such places in the real world or even in the imaginary world wherein the user is allowed to interact in that particular world.

The virtual realities can create and give you sensory experiences that include hearing, sight, smell, and touch. Certain changes and modifications have done until the most updated virtual realities can be displayed on the computer screen or through the special “stereopsis displays.” Some of the simulations are focusing on the real sound through the headphones and speakers targeted at the VR users. It also includes additional sensory information.

Moreover, the virtual reality can cover the remote communication environments that provide the virtual presence of the users having the concept of the telexistence and telepresence. It can be done using the standard input devices that include mouse and keyboards. It can be done through the multimodal devices such as omnidirectional treadmills or wired glove.

 But the main question here is that, is it safe?

 The answer here depends on the circumstances. For example, it’s not advisable to play in a crowded place without supervision. It’s too risky for you. Bear in mind that while you are wearing the VR headset, you are actually blinded to the surroundings. Thus, never rely on chaperone system for your protection.

Indeed, falling is inevitable when you’re using VR with no company. You can break your limbs, hit your hurt and so on. Therefore, it’s really important to let someone watch you every time you utilize VR. Aside from that, keep small kids and pets out of the way.

 Eyes may get hurt

 There’s no denying fact that virtual reality has been linked to the eye problem. According to Professor Martin Banks from the University of California, currently studying visual perception within the virtual environment, insisted that the way we impact eye growth may result in nearsightedness or myopia.

In case you weren’t aware, myopia has been increasing in numbers, not just locally but globally as well. As a matter of fact, researches proved that nearsightedness increased from just 25% in 1970 to more than 40% last 2000. Nearly ten million American adults are known as severely nearsighted.

 To keep yourself safe from eye problems, medical experts suggest not to expose yourself too much on VR.

 Consult with the doctor first.

Tons of devices boast a warning to schedule an appointment first with a physician if you are an elderly, pregnant or have any pre-existing conditions. This can greatly impact your VR experience like psychiatric disorder, vision abnormalities and so on.


Just like other new technologies out there, virtual reality has its own set of advantage and dangers. Not all, dangers are bad though. It’s a reminder for us not to overdo or underdo things when working.

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