Why Some Believe Augmented Reality Is Better Than VR

Ever since the printing press was invented, the porn sector has been coming up with new ways to make itself better. There were VCRs, DVDs, online adult websites and video streaming. The next phase appears to be virtual reality and augmented reality. Both of these methods have taken pornography to a new stage. Once a person tries viewing adult content through VR or AR prism, they become hooked. Not only that, they go on to tell their friends and family about it. That helps tell the story of why the sales of VR headsets are rising dramatically. Many speculate that porn is the reason behind the spike. Trends in Google searches show people are more interested in VR porn than other virtual reality content.

Even though virtual reality is amazing on its own, using it to view VR porn videos is much more gratifying. A person can easily become immersed when watching VR porn. Not only that, their overall enjoyment is significantly increased. That is when compared to the typical ways of looking at porn via a screen. The difference between the two is like night and day. In one, you get to see 2D characters engaged in sex. With VR, that changes to 3D. Plus, there’s the 180-degree POV as well as the 360 angles.

Interestingly enough, even with all of these wonderful things VR offers, AR is the future of porn. At least that’s what many porn industry experts believe. Most of the adult films found today are shot in the first-person POV. That lets the individual who has the headset on feel as if he or she is in control. They can look down and it allows them to see a body. That human body takes the real person’s place in the video action within the porn. The result is the viewer feeling as if they are taking part in the action they’re looking at. Whether it is looking at the hot girl play with her boobs or vagina or one showing her spread her legs while she is being fucked. Although all of that is already changing how people interact and view porn, it is only the beginning. Adult companies believe that the future of porn lies with augmented reality.

While VR porn has numerous benefits, AR is the next frontier. Those who think this way, do so based on how AR works. Unlike VR, augmented reality can be laid on top of an actual reality. Instead of having a girl ride your cock in VR porn, AR wants to have her in your room doing it. Porno companies want to bring porn stars into your home. With AR technology, it can be done. That is what separates AR from VR and why some believe it’s the future.

Producing VR and AR porn content requires a great deal of money. Since it’s a new and expensive technology, not everyone is jumping on board. However, those that are, believe it is what’s to come. Not only of porn, but how they masturbate, have virtual sex and do other things. Already there are several well-known apps using the AR methodology. Snapchat and Pokémon are some of the better known apps. They show what AR can do and how it makes content significantly greater.

Most of the adult industry experts think AR will come to people’s Smartphones first. From there, they would like to have the character in the porn video appear where you are. Whether it’s your bedroom, office or anywhere else. So far, AR’s ability to do this has been hampered by the headsets. In their present form, they are not capable of doing what the porn industry would like. Still, that is not to say that with the right equipment, it cannot happen.

Thus far, the VR porn market has been growing steadily. Those who view VR porn films enjoy all kinds of content. But, the most popular VR porn videos are those that provide the girlfriend experience. This particular type of porn refers to one that lets the user create intensified realistic sex scenes. They also let viewers make the experience more intimate. People prefer things that are closer to reality. More so when it pertains to how the girls look, their boob sizes and bodies. The same for male bodies with dicks which appear realistic in size.

One of the best things about VR and AR, it’s the ability it has to change intimacy. In the virtual world, sex and relationships are easier to deal with. Nonetheless, some believe that may present a problem for some in the real world. Still, pros and cons abound when it comes to just about anything in life. When it’s all said and done, VR and VR porn are unknown technologies. The same goes for augmented reality. Any of them could one day change how we look at things and interact; more than they are doing now. But, AR has the greater advantage since there are so many possibilities behind it. And in the porn world, possibilities are what has helped make pornography, the most lucrative and popular industry.